Silent actress photo gallery

Mary Pickford

Born:  Gladys Marie Smith, 8 April 1892, Toronto, Canada
Died:  29 May 1979, California, USA
Spouse(s):  Owen Moore  (7 January 1911-2 March 1920)  (divorced)
                  Douglas Fairbanks  (28 March 1920-10 January 1936)  (divorced)
                  Charles 'Buddy' Rogers  (26 June 1937-29 May 1979)
Mini biography:  Mary Pickford began her acting career in the theatre at the age of six.  She started working in films in 1909 and became known as 'America's sweetheart'.  In 1919, along with D. W. Griffith, Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin she founded United Artists.  She adopted 2 children with her last husband.
Selected filmography:  Poor Little Rich Girl, Little Annie Roonie, Suds and Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Lillian Gish

Born:  Lillian Diana de Guiche, 14 October 1893, Ohio, USA
Died:  27 February 1993, New York, USA
Mini biography:  Lillian Gish started acting at the age of six on stage.  In 1912 she met director D. W. Griffith and began her work in film.  Her last film was in 1987, her career spanned 75 years.
Selected filmography:  The Birth of a Nation, Intolerance, The Scarlet Letter and The Whales of August.

Theda Bara

Born:  Theodosia Burr Goodman, 29 July 1885, Ohio, USA
Died:  7 April 1955, California, USA
Spouse:  Charles Brabin  (2 July 1921-7 April 1955)
Mini biography:  Theda Bara started her career in the theatre in 1908 and was cast in her first film as an extra in 1914.  Publicists invented a story that she was the daughter of an artist and Arabian princess, although she was actually the daughter of a tailor and his wife.  She was nicknamed 'The Vamp'.  Nearly all of her films are lost.
Selected filmography:  A Fool There Was, Carmen, Cleopatra and Madame Mystery. 

Clara Bow

Born:  Clara Gordon Bow, 29 July 1905, New York, USA
Died:  27 September 1965, California, USA
Spouse:  Rex Bell  (3 December 1931-4 July 1962)
Mini biography:  In 1921 Clara Bow won a part in a film in Motion Picture magazines 'Fame and Fortune' contest.  She starred in 56 feature films and became known as 'The It Girl' before retiring in 1933.  She and her husband had 2 sons.
Selected filmography:  Beyond the Rainbow, It, Wings and The Saturday Night Kid.

Marion Davies

Born:  Marion Cecelia Douras, 3 January 1897, New York, USA
Died:  22 September 1961, California, USA
Domestic partner:  William Randolph Hearst  (1917-1951)
Spouse:  Horace G. Brown  (31 October 1951-22 September 1961)
Mini biography:  Marion Davies began her career as a chorus girl in New York.  Her first film was in 1920 and this was followed by numerous films, the last being in 1937.  She apparently had a child with W. R. Hearst, although she was raised by her sister as her neice.  
Selected filmography:  Enchantment, The Patsy, Show People and Peg o' my Heart.           

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